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Dear Progress Showroom

Fashion Agency Showroom

Showroom that sells international fashion designers during fashion week in Paris.

Task: create easily updatable, easy to use minimalistic digital showroom with ability to provide personalised service to buyers.


The system consists of two parts: display and ordering. Display is static, representing all the brands, their current collections. Static built is introduced in order to boost performance so that there would be no additional requests to server slowing buyer’s experience of the web.

In ordering client asked us to separate the orders by brand and we suggested to preserve a single cart experience. We had to re-imagine how would a cart look afterwards to keep items isolated by brands due to aesthetic differences in the photographs.

Selection mechanism was also specific to every brand, so that the buyer could focus on every brand separately.

The most important thing though was to make buyer’s experience as close to real-world showroom and that means a lot of attention and quick reaction to their actions. For that we created an admin panel that allows to see checkouts and quickly react to lack of further action (a metaphor of a shop assistant asking whether a buyer needs help).

Reaction time is essential in this business. In addition to email confirmation, there is a telegram bot that immediately informs the showroom team about new registrations and new orders placed.

Additionally, server-side generated Excel pro forma invoice is sent to buyer and the team after the order is placed.

Technological stack: React JS, AWS Amplify, Telegram