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The Art of MVP

Scalable solutions for your project

We specialize in React, React Native, NodeJS and pythons applications.

Starting from building blocks like existing micro-services, domain specific services (open source or not), we aim to future-proof your project growth and avoid possible vendor lock-ins and value traps.

We've noticed that rigid structures are the first to break. That might be in the nature of market disruption. We help our clients build better structures.
Mark Krymov, founder

What we bring to the table

Since we started in 2018, we helped a lot of teams start their journeys lean and quick, without overplanning and with great flexibility down the road.

We are excited to see how ideas start turning into real world project and evolve with the feedback from the market.

Our mission is to give founders world-class expertise in design coupled with great flexibility to help them tackle market challenges.

Own startups

Iterate and deploy faster

High-class development services for the makers

Are you planning, organizing or pushing your project development process further? We are ready to use our 12 yeas of experience and a great track record of digital products and extensive knowledge base to help you take off, build and smoothly deliver your new app or website.

Web apps

We combine excellent JavaScript skills with extensive experience of building and integrating APIs.

Backend Development

We deliver solutions that fit the long-term strategy and evolution of your startup. We understand that you might need to pivot during your startup journey, and the software needs to accommodate you with the flexibility.

UX/UI Design

We help you with design and customer journey maps to create top-notch designs and prototypes in Figma that can be easily turned into elegant front-end applications

Front-end Development

Turn your design into a robust and reliable interactive React or Vue app.

Low-code instruments

Some of our clients start prototyping their apps using low-code instruments like Airtable and Zapier, to test hypothesis and grow their product. We help optimize this type of architecture to avoid reaching the limit.

Microservices and Cloud functions

Microservices and cloud architecture help us create isolated functions that work well, are easy to maintain, but more importantly, offer great flexibility, which is of the utmost importance in the startup launch.

Should we get it done?

Let’s talk about your project! Tell us about your challenge, and let’s get it rolling.

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Our tech stack of choice

We are constatnly evolving and expanding our knowledge in technology and tools

Launchist team helped us create a blazing fast custom built solution for fashion industry: a robust catalogue for our showroom during Fashion Weeks in Paris where buyers could review new designer collections. We could not go with open source e-commerce solutions on the market as we needed flexibility in terms of granular access for our buyers and brands in order to curate user experience and let them see only relevant brands.

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